Thursday, October 17, 2019

Saudi women and the achievement equation Research Proposal

Saudi women and the achievement equation - Research Proposal Example King Abdullah is the ruler of the state (CIA, The World Factbook). It is a Middle Eastern country. The governance of Saudi Arabia is according to the Islamic Law (Saudi Arabia: Country Specific Information, 2008). The country is regarded to a great extent by other Middle Eastern countries and has strong ties with these states. Its total population is 28,146,656 (CIA, The World Factbook). Women as a major part of the population should be dealt equally as men. They are nearly half of the whole population of Saudi Arabia. The rights of women and their status, everything is described in the light of Islamic rules and principles. They are required to get permission of their husband or any other male authority of the family in order to leave Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia: Country Specific Information, 2008). Without allowance, they are not allowed to leave their houses. Husbands are regarded as the owners of the women but it is only for their security. Fatany has informed that wrong perceptions are kept about women in Saudi Arabia by European society that the women of Saudi Arabia are treated mercilessly in Arabian society and are also deprived of their due rights (Fatany 2004). The women of Saudi Arabia are not treated mercilessly. If they make use of veil, they use it because they have their own intention towards its usage. They make use of veil on their own will and Islam that is their religion asks them to take veil as a religious obligation (Saidi 2000). As Islamic rules are followed in Saudi Arabia, therefore a woman is given the right of inheritance in his father’s, husband’s or son’s property (Saidi 2000). A man usually gains double of a woman’s share because men are considered as the authority of Arabian society and they also have the responsibility of household. The women are not asked to carry the burden of household. If they are interested to share the burden of household, they are not stopped. They are allowed

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