Tuesday, October 22, 2019

buy custom Immigration essay

buy custom Immigration essay This paper summarizes two articles on immigration. Said (2006) shows how the US illegal immigrants do not have a significant impact on the economy in The Immigration Debate; they neither save it nor harm it. The article demonstrates the use of examples how the immigrants themselves compete for low-wage jobs, thus is not a threat to the Americans employment. However, if they did not take jobs, then many industries would lack cheap labor. Said concludes that immigrants, American households, and industries mainly benefit from this while the government loses on taxes from the expenses on immigrant education and health. In the second article, German Debate Ignores Need for Educated Immigrants Seidel (2010), says that the authorities have different opinions on whether to integrate the Arab professionals or not. The article states that many professionals are emigrating from Germany citing the abuse from politicians as a contributing factor. It may supported by of the speeches of German President in which he mentioned that all religions belong to Germany; while governor Horst Seehofer feels that the country does not need more immigrants from the Arab world. The countrys economy has benefited a lot from the immigrants in the past years. A great number of them are leaving the country rendering it an emigration country. Business people fear that there will be a shortage of labor in the next fifteen years because of this loss. The article, however, does not give enough supporting information and figures about this fact. Additionally, it does not give any recommendations. Though I have read a lot about immigration, however, this is the first time I got two articles that I can compare the status of the U.S. and Germany. Judging from the two articles, one can only be surprised at how the two countries differ on the issue of immigration. The Americans readily integrates immigrants into their society while the Germans have failed to build a multicultural society. Based on the two articles, I feel that immigrants are of immense help to the economy and, therefore, the countries should create more-friendly environment for them. Buy custom Immigration essay

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