Thursday, October 3, 2019

Personal Statement for College Application

Personal Statement for College Application My College Right after high school, I plan to attend McLennan Community College. The main reason I choose this college is because it is very affordable and its close to home. I want to study Radiology and this school offers a good associates program for this. I would want to earn my bachelors degree from Texas Tech University. Texas Tech has always been a dream school for me, but unfortunately my family does not have the money to support me at that university. Either way Im happy to stay close to my family and go to McLennan Community College. My older siblings encouraged me to choose MCC, they showed me the different programs they offer, scholarship opportunities, and what really impressed me was the University Center they have. McLennan Community College is located in Waco, TX and was established in 1965 by the citizens of McLennan County. The college offers two year associates degrees, technical and vocational courses. The mission of the school is to engage, educate, and enrich the community. MCC has core values that effect all choices, decisions, and actions of the college. The core values are excellence, integrity, innovation, inclusion, collaboration, stewardship, sustainability, and accountability. The University Center at MCC is a partnership with several four-year state universities that offer degree programs on MCCs campus. It offers students the opportunity to earn affordable bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. MCC also offers many scholarships to incoming students and current students. The top scholarships are the presidential, honors, first generation, and McLennan scholars. They also have some student organizations such as Hispanic Student Association, Student Council, and MCC Womens Leadership Association. The McLennan tartan, the wool fabric with the distinctive plaid pattern of the McLennan clan, is the official college banner. The mascot is the Highlander, a Scottish warrior in battle dress with a sword and shield, they call him Mac. There is baseball, mens basketball and golf, for women there is softball, golf and womens basketball. My first semester at MCC I plan on taking four of the recommended core curriculum which are English 1301, Math 1314, Biology 2401, and Psychology 2301. I have applied to many local scholarships and FASFA. My classes are paid for with the FASFA I receive and if I dont get any scholarships I will have to pay for books and supplies with money from myself. I wish to enter in the Radiology program, but before I want to get the core curriculum classes out of the way first and it helps that I am currently taking GOVT 2306 and ECON 2301. During my first year I want to be very successful so I have a higher chance to get scholarships that MCC offers for the rest of my college career. My second semester at MCC, I want to take four classes from the core curriculum. They are English 1302, GOVT 2305, History 1301, and Speech 1311. I hope by my second semester I have received some financial help besides FASFA. If I havent I might consider finding a job on campus to pay for any extra necessities. After my first year is completed at MCC I would like to take at least one summer class to get it out of the way, it would be Art 1301. To start my second year and third semester off I want to take the last of the core curriculum classes and prerequisites that I need to get into the radiology program. The classes would be History 1302, Philosophy 1301, HPRS 1206, and Biology 2402. During this semester I would start applying for the radiology program after I meet with an advisor and get more information on it. If everything goes well I hope to be admitted into the program for the incoming semester. My fourth semester and first semester in the radiology program I would be taking only three classes. These are required once in the program RADR 1203 Patient Care, RADR 1311 Basic Radiographic Procedures, and RADR 1260 Clinical I Radiologic Technology. In this semester I hope to be academically successful and have earned a few scholarships so my parents dont have to be struggling to put me through college. I would also like to be working in a part time job that pays well enough for a college student. Now that my second year is completed, I would start my fifth semester with next classes in the program. Which are RADR 2301 Intermediate Radiographic Procedures, RADR 1313 Principles of Radiographic Imaging I, RADR 2309 Radiographic Imaging Equipment, and RADR 1261 Clinical II Radiologic Technology. Next in my sixth semester I would be taking four of the required courses. These include RADR 2217 Radiographic Pathology, RADR 2313 Radiation Biology and Protection, RADR 2266 Practicum I, and RADR 2205 Principles of Radiographic Imaging II. After this semester I plan on taking a summer class, RADR 1460 Clinical Medical Radiologic Technology, which would have to be paid from my own pocket. In my last fall semester in 2020 I would be taking the last few classes I need to complete the radiology program. Which are RADR 2233 Advanced Medical Imaging, RADR 2240 Sectional Anatomy for Medical Imaging, RADR 2267 Practicum II, and RADR 2360 Clinical IV Medical Radiologic Technology. There is one last course I would have to take but its not said when its offered but its called RADR 2235 Radiologic Technology Seminar. Hopefully everything goes as plan and I would graduate with an associates degree in science for radiology in December 2020 from McLennan Community College. My next goal is to graduate from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center with my bachelors in Clinical Services Management. I hope to have a good job and be able to pay for it. I would also apply for scholarships they offer or finish school through the University Center at MCC where it could be more affordable. Texas Technical University is located in Lubbock, TX established on 1923. The large university is the only campus in Texas to house an undergraduate university, law school, and medical school at the same location. The university offers degrees in more than 150 courses of study through 13 colleges and has 60 research centers and institutes. Residents of Texas pay an annual total price of $18,156 to attend Texas Tech University on a full time basis. Originally named Texas Technological College, the college opened in 1925 with six buildings and an enrollment of 914. Texas Tech is also offered through the MCC university center. Like many big Universities Texas Tech has many student organizations and way many more scholarships for undergraduates and graduate students. Depending on what job I get or scholarships I receive, I would like to move to Lubbock to enroll in the Clinical Services Management program. Living at a campus is something Ive always wanted to experience but if Im not finically ready doing it through MCC is not a problem for me. I would like to start in the spring semester of 2021 right after graduating MCC in December. The first few classes I would take would be HPHM 4302 Financial Management For Clinical Supervisors, HPHM 4303 Principles of Personnel Management For Clinical Supervisors, HPHM 4306 Marketing Principles and Entrepreneurship, and HPHM 4304 Management of Clinical Support Services in Healthcare Organizations. Once Im at TTU I want to be a fulltime student even in the summer so I could finish quicker. Ill be taking four classes in the summer, which are HPHM 4311 US Healthcare System, HPHM 4313 Community Health Issues, HPHM 4314 Quality Assurance/Risk Management, and HPHM 4317 Statistics For Healthcare Supervisors. All of these are hopefully paid for with financial aide. The next semester I have to take five classes and two of them are case studies. The classes are HPHM 4318 Healthcare Law/Ethics, HPHM 4331 Leadership In Healthcare Organizations, HPHM 4401 Healthcare Management Information Systems, and HPHM 4477, HPHM 4478 Case studies. This would be the end of my required core curriculum at TTU. At Texas Tech in order to graduate with your bachelors you would need to have 12 hours of upper level electives of your choice. They offer Capital Project Design, Organizational Behavior, Foundations Of Managed Care, Issues In Gerontology For Healthcare Managers, Integrated Delivery Systems And Organizational Relationships, Long-Term Care Management, and Regulatory Aspects Of Long Term Care. With this plan I would most likely graduate in the spring of 2022 with my Bachelors In Clinical Services Management from Texas Tech University. After graduating with my bachelors I would be able to work at hospitals, clinics, medical and diagnostic laboratories and be paid more than the radiologist that only has an associates degree. My biggest concern would be the financial part of school. I know FASFA can pay for most of my classes but if I receive no scholarships then I would have to get a loan to help me out. Thats why is very important that I stay on top of my work and have good grades to receive any scholarships I can. McLennan Community College is a great fit for me not only because is it affordable but it is close to home and offers a good plan for my education. The radiology program that MCC offers has been praised by many and for right now it seems to be the career I want to pursue.

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