Friday, October 4, 2019

Communication Plan Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Communication Plan - Case Study Example Reports have suggested that in the US, obesity rates have doubled since the last few decades. Approximately 65% of the overall adult population of the country falls into the category of overweight population. However, the situation is worsening day by day and has now reached an alarming stage. Several techniques have been tried and tested and hardly any of them has impacted or provided the desired results (Haberer 14). Considering this situation, marketers have also tried to utilize the opportunities of the US market. A number of companies involved in manufacturing and marketing of anti obesity drugs have emerged in the market and hence, the industry is becoming quite competitive (McDaniel 14). This report seeks to investigate the external business environment of the US and frame in marketing and communication strategies for the company, Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP). The company has recently launched weight reducing drug names as Metabical. According to the pilot study ca rried out by the company, the drug is providing effective results. However, industry experts and eminent scholars around the world believes that a good product does not serve the purpose or fulfills the objectives of a firm, rather to get success a good product needs to have the support of good marketing and promotional campaign. The research paper will begin with a context analysis and the frameworks to be put into practice are PESTEL analysis and SWOT analysis. Context Analysis The context in which a business operates is crucial for a number of factors. The context not only influences the business decision of a company, but also plays a vital role in the operations of a firm. Hence, before devising the marketing plan, the study will carry out an in-depth analysis of the context in which the company operates. Apart from that the study will also enumerate SWOT analysis of the company. PESTEL Analysis Pestle is a strategic management tool by which a company analyses the external busi ness environment (Mills 14 -16). It stands for political, legal, environmental, economical, social and technological factors. The analysis is carried out below: - Factor Analysis Verdict Political The political factors of a country include the stability of the government, regulations of the environment, taxation policies, and Competition regulation and consumer protectionism among others. Almost each of these factors impacts the pharmaceutical industry. In the context of US, the government is stable enough and has always supportive to a new business and investments. However, the country is strict when it comes to the compliance of environmental condition. The recent health reforms have however led to an increased pressure on the prices of the products. It is obvious that compliance with the rules and regulation of a country is mandatory for a business, but along the same time it is also necessary that the company encompasses a strong internal policy to guide the operations of the fi rm. It has been found that most of the factors pertaining to the political situation of the country are favorable for doing pharmaceutical business in the country. The only cause of cause of concern is the strict regulation of government towards the maintaining the standard of the drugs and to ensure there are no side effects for consuming it. Therefore considering theses facts it is strongly recommended to the firm that they should ensure that the product maintains the standards and the promotional

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