Thursday, September 26, 2019

Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 12

Response - Essay Example One can feel Mrs. Mallard’s sentiments of relief and liberation when reports of her husband’s death finally dawn on her. Although she openly weeps in the presence of her sister Josephine, she locks herself in her room and all of a sudden feels relieved from her husband’s death. According to Chopin, Mrs Millard kept whispering â€Å"free! Body and soul free!† as a show of exhilaration (Chopin 13).Mrs. Millard openly questions the meaning of love in human life. She claims it is meaningless if one only loves unwillingly. She wonders, â€Å"What could love the unsolved mystery count for in face of this possession of self-assertion† (Cunningham & Reich 725). In addition, Mrs. Millard terms this as the strongest impulse of her being. She goes on to wish she that could have existed a bit longer life now that her companion was supposedly dead. The author cites the main proponent’s fancy was running towards the days ahead of her. This is a clear indication of how unwillingly married she was to Brently and wished they could separate because this will add meaning to her life. Her husband had been silencing her will since she married him and his death adds meaning to her life, as she felt free from a authoritarian husband. I believe the kind of marriage that individuals involve themselves in highly determines the kind of life the individuals lead and their attitude in general. In many instances, when ones marriage is not comfortable and the person has an oppressive spouse, he or she has a negative attitude towards several things. Freedom plays a vital role in a human being’s attitude and in marriage, it is essential that each spouse is free to express their views and ideas. Ones nationality also influences someone’s attitude in diverse ways. For instance, when one identifies him or herself to a certain nation that has done well, the person is more confident in the midst of other and proud. Race plays an essential role in either

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