Friday, September 27, 2019

Dior Homme Perfume Commercial Directed by Guy Ritchie Essay

Dior Homme Perfume Commercial Directed by Guy Ritchie - Essay Example The approach taken with this specific advertisement is able to take a new form with commercials that allows the audience to gain a sense of intrigue and attraction to the product. The director focusing on the advert this way allows the audience to remember and to become fascinated with the product of perfume while highlighting the brand to one that holds a persona as opposed to only showing a short 30 second clip that advertises the product. The style which is used with the Dior Homme perfume takes the approach of a film. The advertisement is longer than most in timing. This is combined with beginning and ending credits so one immediately associates it with a media production as opposed to a commercial. The advertisement moves through a story line with Jude Law and the models that are assisting with the main production. The story line combines with the main character of Jude Law while creating dialogue as the main appeal while he speaks on the phone, followed by the actions taken with the story line. The suspense which builds stays through the end of the production when the two individuals meet, breaking the suspension. The suspension of the story line follows with the meeting of the two individuals as well as the advertisement of the cologne. The breaking of the suspension as well as the confirmation of the dialogue follows specifically with the cologne that is used with the main production. The purpose behind the production is based on grabbing the attention of the viewers while advertising the main product. The purpose is achieved not only by making a blanket set of images or statements about the cologne that is advertised. ... ttention of the viewers and the intrigue which is created is followed by the movement of the main actor to find the individual that he is speaking with on the other side of the phone. This furthers the suspense and builds the interest of the viewer until they want to know what the advertisement is about as well as how the cologne is able to create an understanding of the intrigue of the cologne. One is able to be a part of the style and the characterization of the perfume while carrying suspense and growing interest in what the advertisement is for. This helps to attract the target audience and to allow them to remember the cologne as it becomes the climax of the story. To enable the audience to act with suspense and intrigue, specific elements are used with the process of the story. To further this, latent function is used throughout the story. The latent function is defined as an unknown that is used to create the end result. When first listening to the story, there is not a voice that is heard through Jude Law. This is followed by a woman who also speaks in monologue but is not able to tie together the main plot line. Having the monologue of both characters carry the unknown or inconsistent function is able to create various interpretations of what is expected with the story. This is combined with the unknown of what is being advertised until the end of the story when the perfume and cologne are being shown and the man and woman meet at the Eiffel Tower. It isn’t until the very end of the commercial that the unknown becomes the known, which adds into the suspense and intrigue of the commercial. The use of the overall concepts of creating a story line further with this to show the latent function, specifically because this approach to a commercial is not commonly

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