Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Fashion Retail Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Fashion Retail Marketing - Essay Example The essay "Fashion Retail Marketing" discovers the fashion retail marketing. This online retail brand has emerged as one of the favourite destination for youngsters, looking for fashionable and affordable brands. This report analyses the brand value and the strategies followed by the company. This section discusses the company objectives and the ethical policies it follows. In the next topic the financial details of the company are given. The company’s large product range has been highlighted. The positioning strategies of the company are discussed and analyses of their impact on the company’s operations have also been discussed. To find out the macro environment of the retail brand, PEST analysis is done. This will give a clear understanding of the current economic, social, political and technological changes within the country and how it has impacted the operations of the company. Value chain analysis gives a detailed layout of the flow of raw materials and other prod ucts from suppliers, to the warehouse, manufacturing and operational process and finally delivery of products to the customer doorsteps. The report also throws light on the marketing campaigns and strategies followed by the company. Though the online retailer has maintained a continuous growth in the online marketing sector, there are certain risks and challenges that lie ahead. Very retailer is one of UK’s prominent online and home shopping brands. It is an arm of One Shop online retailer which has a customer base of over five millions. and an annual turnover of over 1.7 billion pounds (Very, 2013). Very online brand was launched in the year 2009. The online retailer deals with categories such as apparels for men women and children, home and electrical appliances. The website of Very retailer in designed keeping high internet users in mind. The website provides customers with the opportunity of shopping across a range of product areas, from footwear and fashion to home and e lectrical and other accessories. To gain competitive advantage, Very online retailer has introduced a number of interactive marketing services, and innovative online marketing strategies to engage the customers on mobile channels (Wang, 2005). The retail brand believes in creating a workplace having a perfect balance between hard work and having fun. The company’s preferences lie in putting the customer first. The brand believes in treating its customers as well as employees well and making a difference by keeping things simple. The online retail brand thrives on four major brand values. Deliver- The retail brand thrusts upon getting results which satisfies the customer expectations as well as fulfils the organisational needs. Innovate- To make the business better, the company develops innovative ideas in the field of marketing campaigns, innovative advertising and branding ideas, inventing new categories and product range to meet the changing customer preferences. Courage- C ourage means doing activities which are of best interest to the company and challenging a process because it is not correct. It can be any process from finance to the supply chain process. Enthuse- The Company believes in creat

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