Friday, September 13, 2019

A Message Without Words Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

A Message Without Words - Essay Example ere is one that allows ladies and gents to adorn stylish, comfortable and practical clothing while still embracing their femininity and masculinity respectively. Weinberg (2009) insists that, before embarking on a marketing campaign, there is a need to clarify goals and the overall aim of the campaign. One has to define what they aim to achieve from the campaign. The team at Benetton aims at expanding the market share for the cashmere design presented in the above picture. A picture speaks a thousand words. The picture above, which is the center of this campaign, speaks to both ladies and gents alike. It does not segregate the genders and, in this way, it widens the market share extensively. That, on the other hand, is another objective of the campaign; to show the public that we can offer a design suiting both genders. The target group is age oriented. According to Jones (2005), age is one of the significant factors when categorizing target markets. The team at Benetton aims at capturing the individuals of the 20-35 years of age. This is the most active and fashion conscious group (Jones, 2005). The age bracket targeted above captures the college student and the young employees. College life accompanies a certain lifestyle and trendy fashion styles. The picture ad portrays both male and female genders posing in it. The team at Benetton concur with Jones (2005), who admits that, contrary to an earlier time when chain store displayed menswear in separate shops from women’s wear, today they chain shops display them together. The Picture ad silently states this ideal. Therefore, having covered the gender divide in the campaign, the team at Benetton can focus on ways of convincing the target group. The target group forms the majority of the growing population in any societal setup. This group will most likely be on a credit access of some kind. It may be for educational purposes or otherwise. In whichever case, the credit availability will also greatly influence

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