Friday, August 23, 2019

The Other mother Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Other mother - Essay Example Abrams writes out of her true experience, reconstructing her life together with her partner and daughter from her own personal journals, a record of her emotions and thoughts about the situation, and from her memory and the people around her during the time that the events took place. Abrams, in her author’s note in the book, reveals to the reader that she wrote the book during the time when she had no contact with her daughter. The story is told in a first-person narration. The narrator starts out with telling how her relationship with Norma blossomed from friendship to love, from being friends to starting out a relationship. Eventually they moved in together despite the narrator’s indecision because of Norma’s seemingly untruthful revelation of herself, her past life and who she is. While their relationship is going to the road of partnership, Norma decided that she wanted a baby of her own. At first, the narrator didn’t like the idea of her partner getting pregnant and herself being a mother. She had doubts but Norma was able to persuade her to the idea and they began planning it out. They searched for a sperm donor, bought baby clothes and items and attended childbirth classes as preparation. The narrator recounted the difficulties she had experienced during Norma’s pregnancy. She needed to face the hormonal instability of her partner, the whims and tantrums, including the ad ditional chores she needed to do because either Norma didn’t want to do it or was not allowed to do it. She also recounted her family’s reaction and other people’s reaction towards the pregnancy. Some approved, most expressed their concern. It was not a normal situation, lesbian partners strolling around, with one partner with a large belly carrying a child within. While Norma was having hormonal imbalances and tantrums, the narrator was also having emotional turmoils of her own, though eventually, Norma’s pregnancy brought excitement of her

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