Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Class student dicussions answers Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Class student dicussions answers - Assignment Example Good illustration for giving a protocol which operates in the network layer. I agree with you based on the explanation of the protocols. The Loki tool illustration is well explained as well the relevant examples provided. I could also add that ICMP does not support broadcast or multicast traffic. Good explanation about the ZoneAlarm firewall, in that its combination as an antivirus and a firewall makes it an ideal tool to utilize. The need for a tool like this in a business environment is of great importance especially this era of internet/information systems are prone to hacking. Kevin, the explanation you have given is too shallow in that someone cannot be able understand what you mean by the layer being contact with most people. You could have stated your argument that the application layer defines the interface for users to communicate their process and data transfer in network. Kevin, you could simplified that the application layer provided an interface for operations and acts as a virtual terminal. I agree with you on the application layer’s vulnerability. You provided a good example of its weakness and a good definition of phishing. Your argument of using firewalls and anti-virus is also justified. User training and awareness is also important as part of information systems security but it needs the hand of information systems security to implement a secure platform in order to achieve security. The explanation of Comodo Firewall is good but I suggest you could have added its advantages over other firewalls and also include its weaknesses. David H, yes, I agree with you that employees might require accessing organization data while they are away from office or from within the range of company’s LAN. You can also argue the benefits of using VPN for employees, for instance you can say that, VPN improves productivity of

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