Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Duty of the Employer to the Employee is the sole focus of Health Essay

The Duty of the Employer to the Employee is the sole focus of Health and Safety Law in Ireland - Essay Example Regardless of the post or position in an organisation each and every employee is protected by the law governing provisions on safety conditions in an organization. However, many organizations breach these laws. For this reason, employees have the responsibility of ensuring they receive the proper safety precautions from their organization. Additionally, employees should demand compensation in case of an accident in their organization2. On many occasions, many employees choose to sue their organisation in case of an accident. However, there are laws that protect an organisation from unnecessary law suits. In Ireland, employees are protected by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA). The body is responsible for the provision of guidelines under which employees and employers relate to workplace safety. The organisation also provides evaluation and analysis reports on the state of workplace safety in Ireland. The body also governs the way in which workplace safety disputes are solved. Workplace safety in Ireland is the creation of HAS since it has been functioning as a workers union in the country in terms of protecting employees from hazardous working environments3. The author further argues that the establishment of the organisation was a big step towards the global campaign of ensuring employers is responsible for their employees’ safety. As a nation, Ireland has large industrial market under which millions of human resources are employed across the nation. This number is also comprised of the self employed persons. Additionally, employers are also including both public and private companies4. Under the HAS all these organizations are governed by the rules and regulation provided by the organization. The large industrial market in Ireland greatly depends on the effort by the human resources and for this reason they have to be protected from hazardous working conditions. In a workplace safety report according to the HSA there was 7658 non-fatal accident

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