Thursday, November 21, 2019

Article reviews for Theory and Practice of Mediation

Reviews for Theory and Practice of Mediation - Article Example But in this practice it is impossible to establish a dialogue between the clients. Finally solution focussed in brief in nature so waiting lists can be reduced. The main point of this reading was though a solution focussed model is a good way of solving the conflicts it suffers from a few drawbacks. An important strength of this piece of work is that it is well organised and it appears as if a thorough research has been done about the topic before writing and the writer has a complete knowledge and understanding about the topic he is writing about. A weakness of this article is it has failed in explaining properly the actual concept or the actual theory of solution focussed model. When the focus of the mediator is on ascertaining whether there is an underlying cause that has fueled the parties’ conflicts and the attempt to interest the parties in addressing it than it is called as a strategic style approach. Strategic style is the product of particular mediator characteristics and social circumstances. The characteristics of strategic style are – the attention to the latent causes is extremely pragmatic, the style is enacted in 3 discrete stages. Therefore it shares some similarities with variants of mediation with respect to these points – problem centered, pragmatic focus, emphasis on hidden dimensions of conflict and the notion that the mediator is the strategist who drives the problem solving process. The main point of this reading is that the strategic style focuses on the causes of conflict between the parties. An important strength of this piece of article is that it provides a comparative study between different methods and the va rious similarities and also the differences between them. An important weakness of this piece of article is that it does the ways in which this method will help in finding the causes or reasons of a particular conflict between the two parties. This theory is

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